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Acquisition Logistics


Acquisition Logistics is a multi-functional, technical management discipline associated with the design, development, test, production, fielding, sustainment, and improvement modifications of cost effective systems that achieve the organization's requirements.  The principal objectives of acquisition logistics are to ensure that support considerations are an integral part of the system's design requirements, that the system can be cost effectively supported throughout its life-cycle, and that the product support elements necessary to the initial fielding and operational support of the system are identified, developed and acquired.  The majority of a system's life-cycle costs can be attributed directly to operations and support costs once the item is fielded or provided to the open market.  Because these costs are largely determined early in the system development period, it is vitally important that developers evaluate the potential operation and support costs of alternate designs and factor these into early design decisions.


Acquisition logistics activities are most effective when they are integral to both the system engineering technical and management processes.  When this is the case, system designers, acquisition logisticians, and program managers are best able to identify, consider, and trade-off support considerations with other system cost, schedule and performance elements to arrive at an optimum balance of system requirements that meet the user's organization's requirements.

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